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Welcome to Oasis Evaluation LLC, your local premier environmental company dedicated to revolutionizing the development industry. We specialize in providing fast, simple, and effective solutions for developers, ensuring sustainable and eco-friendly practices are at the forefront of every project.

At Oasis Evaluation LLC, we understand the pressing need to balance development with environmental preservation. Our team of experts combines extensive knowledge in both environmental science and cutting-edge technologies to offer innovative solutions that streamline the development process while minimizing its ecological impact.

With a strong commitment to sustainability, we work hand in hand with developers to seamlessly assist them through their projects. Our comprehensive range of services includes Soil analysis, site planning and design, waste management strategies(OSTDS/Septic), residential permitting, environmental clearance reports and much more. By optimizing each stage of the development process, we help our clients achieve their goals quickly and efficiently.

What sets us apart is our unwavering dedication to simplicity, speed and effectiveness. We recognize that developers face numerous challenges, and our solutions are designed to be easily implemented without compromising quality or efficiency. We leverage the latest advancements in technology, such as data analytics, to provide actionable insights and streamline decision-making processes, resulting in faster project completion and reduced development costs.

As a company deeply rooted in environmental stewardship, we foster strong partnerships with local communities, governmental organizations, and environmental advocacy groups. By collaborating with stakeholders, we ensure that our solutions align with the values and regulations of each unique project location. Our goal is to create a harmonious balance between economic growth and environmental preservation, promoting a sustainable future for generations to come.

At Oasis Evaluation LLC, we believe that  development is not just economically advantage to our community; it's an opportunity for innovation and progress. Join us in our mission to build a thriving future by partnering with us on your next development project. Together, we can make a lasting positive impact on our country while achieving your goals fast, swiftly, simply, and effectively.

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Driving Directions : 1225 US HWY 27 Suite 101 Sebring, FL 33870

Business Hours : 8:00AM-5:00PM M-F

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